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Use this credit card minimum payment calculator to determine how long it will take to pay off credit cards if only the minimum payment is made.Enter the credit card information below and press "view report" to see the payoff details.Below is a summary table of the top credit cards for people with no credit history, including students and other first-time applicants who have limited or no experience with credit.In our modern culture, a valid credit history isn’t just a nice thing to have — it’s often a necessity.Tell us who you are and what you like, to see what offers are available to you.

You have a legal right to see your full credit file at a cost of £2 per credit reference agency.There are a wide range of credit cards designed for people with adverse credit scores, offering all kinds of benefits, such as cashback or fee-free overseas spending.The best credit card for those with bad credit depends on personal circumstances and preferences.Without a credit history, you’ll have a difficult time securing reasonable loans, renting a home or even getting hired for certain jobs.A credit history allows potential lenders to extend you credit, but it’s also a way for others to verify how responsible you are with your finances.

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