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It's time for the industry to take responsibility and standardize terminology.

Chat robot is the first commercial plugin for Visichat 3 and above.

Nothing simpler than creating a chat bot by reading and following this step-by-step guide Writing your first Facebook chat bot in PHP using Jaxl library written by a PHP developer Abhinav Singh.

This video shows a conversation with a few online chat bots, among them the famous chat bot A. Have you thought about putting this chat bot on your Facebook page?

A selection of pages on this website using 'chat bot': The term chat bot (or sometimes just bot) can also be used in the meaning of an automatic chat responder program. E., brought to artificial life in 1995 by Richard Wallace. To find a solution for that question they gathered programmers answers and posted this article How to program a simple chat bot AI? Stack Overflow Q&A site also tried to answer a question: how to realize one-on-one conversation between a human and a chat bot?Typically, a chat bot communicates with a real person, but applications are being developed in which two chat bots can communicate with each other.Although we use chatbot as the main synonym on this website, please do not be confused.

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