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It’s worth noting, however, that Hooper has expressed doubts about Lili’s surgical choices, blaming the past’s primitive duality about sexuality and gender — “I hope now that a trans woman or trans man going through transition would not feel the same pressure to go the surgical route if he or she did not feel comfortable with that.” Caitlyn Jenner, as it happens, may have had cosmetic surgery but she has not had gender re-assignment. He told Screen magazine, “When I first fell in love with the idea of making this film, it was perceived to be a very hard film to finance.Now, in a space of only five or six years, people talk to me as if it was an obvious film to do.” At its Venice gala The Danish Girl won a remarkable 10-minute ovation.At the time, there were no antibiotics available, nor was there much understanding of organ-transplant rejection, nor any immuno-suppressants.The operations Lili endured included the removal of the penis and testicles, the transplantation of ovarian material and the construction of a vagina.

Possibly even bigger news is what our most captivating actor (sorry, Benedict) Eddie Redmayne chooses to do, after his Oscar-winning performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything.Hooper has offered various explanations without quite being able to say simply that he had to have a star of Redmayne’s calibre.Instead, he has said he has long sensed “a certain gender fluidity” in Redmayne, who played female roles from an early age (Eton is a single-sex school), as well as Viola in Mark Rylance’s Twelfth Night.Hooper’s production quickly ran into controversy, however.Not so much for choosing a man to play Einar/Lili but for casting a cisgender actor rather than a transgender actor, the same criticism Jared Leto encountered when playing the trans woman Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club.

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