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The Ta Tas - Purple Rain-Union We're the Ta-Ta's and we're gonna rock ya We like to cha-cha and eat frittatas Gayle and Linda - Purple Rain-union Derek Dematopolis Your neck hair makes me weak. (Jocelyn:) Things are getting pretty tense, does anybody want coffee?

Are the boys and their cute butts really worth all this? (Gayle:) It's the gravy boat (Gayle and Linda:) A-comin' around (Gayle:) It's not a navy boat (Linda:) It's the gravy boat (Gayle and Linda:) Filled with bravery, savory, sailor folk (Gayle:) Stuffing sailors, disembark (Gayle and Linda:) Fill our plates and fill our hearts Sailors in your mouth, sailors in your mouth That's what Thanksgiving is all about. Gene - Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl Oh, the life of the wife of a cop Makes my head spin around like a top He's always (inaudible under speech) I'm Holly Gennero Mc Clane That Johnny Mc Clane's driving this gal insane Oh, the life of the wife of a cop Andy and Ollie Pesto - Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl (Andy:) I'm Agent Johnson (Ollie:) And I'm Agent Johnson (Both:) And we're from the FBI (Andy:) I'm Johnson (Ollie:) He's Johnson! (Both:) Two fancy-footed federal guys (Rudy:) I might just be a local cop, but will you guys back off me?

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Unknown - It Snakes a Village Dirty ducks (Dirty ducks) Dirty ducks (Quack, quack) Gene - It Snakes a Village I'm not afraid of ghosts I'm not afraid of sharks I'm not afraid of cancer I'm just afraid of snakes They really creep me out Where are their arms and legs? Unknown - Family Fracas Pizza game, talking trash Spinning the wheel Fracas foam, get foamed at home There's Jimmy Pesto, he's so mad Fracas foam, get foamed at home Jimmy's so mad No minivan for you Gene - The Kids Run the Restaurant Girls, being girls, being girls, being girls, girl group Linda - The Kids Run the Restaurant (spoken:) Hit it. (sung:) When Bob sees blood and screams and passes out Then Mr. (sung:) Marshmallow played a game of Surgery Sam And all this 'cause Bob cut his hand What more do you want when kids run the restaurant? Boo Boo - Boyz 4 Now I want to hear your secrets, I'm so interested in you What did you have for lunch today? Boo Boo - Boyz 4 Now I need to show you a secret, it's gonna be a surprise Come a little bit closer, let me whisper in your eyes When I whisper in your eyes, don't think, don't blink Hey, girl, shh, shush Close your lips and open your eyes I want your eyes to hear my lips and also my eyes... Linda - Purple Rain-union I’ve still got 2 out of 5, I’ve still got 2 out of 5, I’ve still got 2 out of 5 sexy parts I’ve still got my sexy parts, and I’ve got 2 out of 5, I’ve still got 2 out of 5 The Ta Tas - Purple Rain-Union (Linda:) This is down here but it should be up there This is kind of loose and I think it might tear (Linda:) This is lumpy ((Gayle and Angie:) Yeah it’s lumpy) (Linda:) This is saggy ((Gayle and Angie:) Yeah it’s flabby) When I bend down I pee a little bit But it’s not bad, not bad for having three kids! ) ((Gayle and Angie:) Not bad for having three kids! Ah Unknown - Presto Tina-o It’s not magic, it’s tragic. Peter Pescadero - Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl Red, yellow, orange and brown Are on the tree then they fall down Gene - Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl Nakatomi, Nakatomi, Nakatomi, Nakatomi, Nakatomi, Nakatomi, Nakatomi, Na.....

Gene - Nude Beach Da, da, da, da, da, elderly prostitute Da, da, da, boo, ba, elderly prostitute Tommy Jaronda - Nude Beach Daddy! Linda - It Snakes a Village Going to Florida Going to Florida Sunshiney, Florida now-ow Going to Florida Florida, Florida Everyone's going somehow Going to Florida Tropical Florida Manatees Florida now. (Felix:) Oh, bad things are bad (Bob:) Farewell, cruel world, looks like I'll die alone (Calvin:) If only you'd purchased a better cell phone (Bob:) And now I'll never know who wins Game of Thrones (Bob and Calvin:) Oh Things are bad!

There are many people call this age of time to a time of technologies.

Cast of "Pirates of Panache" - Hamburger Dinner Theater We drink, we loot, we rape, we shoot We sing, we dance, we twirl, we prance We're the Pirates of Panache Linda Belcher and the robber - Hamburger Dinner Theater (Linda:) You've got your money, now be on your way? (Bob:) Ding-ding Da-ding-ding DADADADADADADADA-DING! The Belcher Family - Weekend at Mort's Weekend at Mort's We're gonna have a weekend at Mort's (Louise only) Uh! Jimmy Pesto - Weekend at Mort's Come on, everybody, Try our dessert You gotta have a cannoli Ron - Lobsterfest Wingman, flying with the eagles Wingman, he's trying to help you out Wingman Wingman Wingman Wingman Wingman Cyndi Lauper - The Belchies Teddy was right about the treasure In the butt The next day you will see Taff is washed up on the beach And, oh, my God, is that a gold bar? Darryl - The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee His name is Lenny, it is not Jenny One time he ate a penny, and he thought nobody saw Ms.

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(spoken:) I'll be a thundergirl, till I'm six feet under-girl, uhh, that's right, I'll be a Th... Quicky Kiss-it She's kissin', she's kissin' She's kissin' so quick Quicky Kiss-it Ooh! Courtney, Jocelyn, Julie - Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl (Courtney:) Coffee, coffee, coffee's all I get ((Jocelyn and Julie:)Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee) How'm I gonna get ahead (Coffee, coffee) Gene - Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl I'm Grubin', I'm Hans Gruber and I'm Grubin' And sometimes that can mean shootin', Mr.

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