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Let’s also not forget that Stefan is a red-blooded — if not warm-blooded — American who deserves to get laid every once in a while.And who better to get back in the saddle with than the girl he was porking back in the ’20s?Dracula actually plans to wipe out the entire human race this time by creating and unleashing some kind of doomsday plague, which is a pretty big change in MO.

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Plus, Elena literally told him she’s not in love with him anymore. What kind of man would he be if he kept pining for a girl who’s not into him? Watch Stefan and Rebekah get nasty below, then vote: Are you glad they hooked up?

Existing in some form or another for thousands of years, these blood-sucking creatures serve as one of horror’s most creatively flexible monsters.

The movie just feels slapdash compared to some of the earlier examples, and it’s not surprising that it’s since slipped into the public domain.—Jim Vorel 99. The fifth sequel to Horror of Dracula unexpectedly thrusts the time period forward all the way to “present day” 1972, in a decision that can only be described as equal parts goofy and uncomfortable—Christopher Lee himself called it “ludicrous.” Honest-to-god, most of the first 30 minutes feel like a teen musical comedy of the era, with rooms full of dancing kids, funk music and gigantic afros before, hey, wasn’t Dracula in this movie?

The upside is that Peter Cushing is unexpectedly back as Van Helsing, a descendant of the original Van Helsing who is still running on a pretty strong anti-Dracula platform. The Keep (1983) Let’s get this out of the way—The Keep is not a good movie.

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