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Finally, a tip from one Baby Center mum in Kuala Lumpur: "If you know someone who has a really good maid, ask that maid if she has relatives or friends who want to work here. I got to call her in her village and speak to her directly on the phone before hiring her.

Welcome to one of the largest and friendliest online social communities on the internet.Perhaps you will be able to find someone willing to live in on weekdays at least.If you advertise (in newspapers, or on the noticeboards of your local community centre, mini market and convenience store), you may increase the odds of success if you post it in vernacular as well as English.Having said that, it is still important that you go through the proper channels to find a helper who has passed all the health tests and is here legally, especially as you are most likely looking for a maid to help you care for your baby.Many Malaysians start their search at a recruitment agency (more popularly known as the maid agency or agent).

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