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The loft was split into two rooms — one of which was dimly lit and outfitted with two black-sheeted beds pushed together with a spectator ring of couches and chairs. She is 100 times more successful than I am,” he volunteered as he inched closer and closer.

I contacted her via email and by phone a few months before I returned to China to meet her.

What is the significance of the name, Hooligan Sparrow, given to Ye Haiyan?

Ye Haiyan’s name consists of three Chinese characters, one of which means sparrow.

A tall, handsome, besuited man with wavy dark locks and a 20-something Asian girl I presumed to be his girlfriend smiled at my male friend and me. We were on our way up to the sold-out Killing Kittens sex party.

” the man asked, a Cheshire cat smile forming beneath a black mask.

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