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The effect of item order on psychological aggression reporting: An examination with the multidimensional measure of emotional abuse. Wolford-Clevenger, C., Zapor, H., Brasfield, H., Febres, J., Elmquist, J., Brem, M., Shorey, R. An examination of the Partner Cyber Abuse Questionnaire in a college student sample. He focuses heavily on evaluating and testing theoretical models of dating violence and sexual assault in an effort to gain a clearer understanding of how to develop prevention and intervention programs aimed at reducing these harmful behaviors. Shorey’s research has demonstrated the temporal relationship between substance use and dating violence, such that dating violence perpetration is more likely to occur on drinking days relative to non-drinking days. Shorey’s research program examines intimate partner violence, particularly violence between dating college couples, and sexual assault. An examination of emotion regulation and alcohol use on female perpetrated dating violence.

Emotion dysregulation, gender, and intimate partner violence perpetration. Elmquist, J., Hamel, J., Febres, J., Zapor, H., Wolford-Clevenger, C., Brem, M., Shorey, R.

He is also interested in how mindfulness-based interventions can be successfully integrated into both substance use and violence intervention and prevention programs. C., Strauss, C., Elmquist, J., Anderson, S., & Stuart, G.

Genetics moderate alcohol and intimate partner violence treatment outcomes in a randomized clinical trial of hazardous drinking men in batterer intervention programs: A preliminary investigation.

The moderating effect of social support from a dating partner on the association between dating violence victimization and adjustment.

Dispositional mindfulness, spirituality, and substance use in predicting depressive symptoms in a treatment seeking sample.

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A gender comparison of motivations for dating violence among college students.

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