An error occurred during updating ac3mp exe

Checking this out on the file system revealed that the file could only be accessed with administrator privileges.Apparently I had at some point launched eclipse from an administrator console by mistake.My anti-virus has an exception for my hole eclipse folder.I checked all handles (processes) using 'eclipse.exe' and there 'eclipse.exe' itself, 'java.exe' and 'csrss.exe' (Client/Server Runtime Subsystem from Windows, its used for the console and threading under Windows).guys i jst installed the assassin's creed 3 and it was lagging lyk hell in boston! whenever i start the updater, it gives the error "could not retrieve version number!installation will be aborted" i guess its coz i messed up wth the ac3file rite? So if there are any other errors present in any of the other projects in your workspace, try to fix those and then this issue will be gone. I had this same issue across multiple projects and multiple workspaces, none of the solutions I found online worked for me.

(you can also remove the -clean tag from the ini file so it doesn't clean everytime you start it) Hope this helps someone. phew :) Note - I tried each and every other solution around this problem but nothing worked. so it could be some corrupted project/mvn file issue, somehow. Revert back to an earlier commit/change fixes the problem....As of version 1.1.2, you can clear the cache and Reload data to fix this issue. But, because I was using Workspace Resolution to resolve some pom dependencies to a project in the same Workspace, I had to disable Workspace Resolution, then Disable the Maven Nature, then re-enable Maven on the project. This might also arise due to the presence of circular dependency in your eclipse workspace.

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