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On occasion (not always) this seems to prompt the widget to refresh. The unread message counter at the top of the widget doesn't update when the 'window' of the widget has stopped refreshing; but you do still get message notifications in the notification bar.As #27 said, if you scroll to the bottom messages in the 'window' then this forces a refresh and all the new messages appear at the top. Android 4.0.2 Not sure if these images will help, but it shows what I'm experiencing.This happen quite frequently and there is no fixed time interval.

I have to manually remove and replace it from the widget drawer.

I will have been receiving emails periodically during both these times.

I would agree with the above comment (#26) - in addition, I've been able to get the widget to refresh by fast scrolling to the bottom of the email list, and then returning to the top.

I updated my Galaxy Nexus LTE to 4.0.4 last night and still had the refresh problem this morning.

I was able to scroll all the way to the bottom of the messages and then it flipped back to the top and refreshed. Just had the problem again this morning - widget on home screen checking an Exch 2010 mailbox and a hotmail account did not refresh. I'm asking because my Google Voice inbox widget doesn't update and then just blanks out until I restart my phone.

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Galaxy Nexus: ICS 4.0.1 Email Account: MS Exchange Server See screenshots for further detail: I have a continuous issue with this widget not refreshing. After adding the widget, mail will sync for about 24 hours and then no longer.

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