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One of the other psychics who worked for Keen was a woman named Beatrice Marot, who lives in California and calls herself “The High Priestess of Hollywood.” She claims that her main spirit guide is an ancient Druid magician named Merlin and that dead celebrities such as John Belushi, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Johnny Carson, Elvis Presley, Tupac Shakur, John Lennon, producer Marvin Worth and, most recently, famed atheist and skeptic Christopher Hitchens, frequently communicate with her. Beatrice would have you believe that she was my “spiritual teacher,” my guru or my sensei, but nothing is further from the truth. I liked her well enough, in the beginning, the way that many people like their co-workers. Psychics who work for Keen are able to set their own per-minute rates for the readings that they provide to Keen’s customers.Generally, I – and other top psychics in our specific Keen category, called “Voices from Beyond” – would set our per-minute rate at .49.Look below for verification from two other psychics who worked for Keen.)Beatrice would have you believe that I “rallied” other psychics against her, but I did not.Others who worked for Keen at the time can verify this. "You - ALL OF YOU - who are in the human form tend to complicate EVERYTHING, when, in reality, most things are so much more SIMPLE than you envision them to be." Then they continued... He was my confidante and my dear friend and I loved him like a brother.Over a decade ago, when I began my work as a professional psychic and medium, I worked for a telephone psychic hotline called I shared with him all of my knowledge and wisdom about the spiritual realms and he was always the eager listener …”, certainly not “several times a week” and not “for two years.” And to this very day, she and I have never met face-to-face.After weeks of receiving harassing emails and phone calls from Beatrice, I purchased the domain names for no other reason than to just to piss her off. am the one who tried to “extort” money from her for the domain names.) Again, this was all perfectly legal.Beatrice went off the deep end and repeatedly called Mark and his assistant, screaming and cursing at them, demanding that they give her the domain names.

She continued to send the nasty emails and to engage in conflicts with other psychics.

And I certainly did not have the necessary “clout” to have Beatrice fired from a multi-million dollar company like Keen!

She managed to do that herself…and here is how it Customers who call Keen for readings are able to leave a rating and feedback for the psychic that they speak with.

Perhaps the best advice she could ever receive came from an unlikely source: BK Thorp of the James Randi Educational Foundation.

Despite the fact that the JREF does not like me one bit, Mr.

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