Ben barnes and tamsin egerton dating bon jovi look alike and internetdating

He is Down Under working on The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader, the next in the series of Narnia films, in which Ben, 28, again plays the swashbuckling King Caspian.'Tamsin hooked up with Ben a couple of times and there was a lot of talk about how close they were,’ says my spy.But when I caught up with Tamsin at the Berkeley Square Ball launch in London, she insisted she and Ben were just friends.

"both look good on her IMO, I'm espacially jealous of the lengthcan you link me? I would really like to see the interview were he is denying it. I am a bit disappointed that he fancies models, I thought he is more the "down to earth" type of guy. ;)He did say he's trying to keep his private life private,so it might be true.

The roughly 5000-year old Chinese civilization has endured through millennia of tumultuous upheaval and revolutions, periods of golden ages and anarchy alike.

Through the recent economic boom initiated by the reforms of Deng Xiaoping, China is once again one of the leading nations in the world, buoyed by its large, industrious population and abundant natural resources.

first I thought its a silly made up rumour but now I think he is lying when it comes to his material status. She is pretty indeed and she should definitely stick to her natuaral hair colour (brown) - I bet her hair would look so much nicer than the fake-ish blonde!

"I don't think he will confirm it, thats what is really buggin me..."well the rumour starts, people and the mags will be interested in it and will want to know, etc...

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