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As the hike becomes increasingly difficult, tempers flare in the group—are they doing this hike for the kids, or for themselves?It's very gripping and exciting film that offers a far more sensitive and nuanced exploration of blindness than in any fiction film.He teams up with an exiled Russian noble, played by Natasha Richardson, to open a high-class nightclub for the city's cosmopolitan set, called "The White Countess." While both begin to develop feelings for each other, neither acts on them until the Japanese invasion brings everything to a head.A beautifully shot, sumptuous film with a screenplay from the acclaimed novelist Kazuo Ishiguro (Very loosely based on a story of one of neurologist Oliver Sacks' patients, the main character goes through surgery to restore his sight and finds it very difficult to interpret what he sees.Most of the descriptions and reviews here are hers.Scroll down to vote on which one you think should be number one!In 2001, Erik Weihenmayer became the first blind person to summit Mt. Inspired by his climb, students at a school for the blind in Tibet ask him to visit them.In 2004, Erik decided not only to visit, but to take an expedition of six student on a hike to Lhakpa-Ri, near Everest.

The previews all look great to me, and knowing her great taste, I'm looking forward to seeing them all.

One of them, Toku, falls in love with a beautiful young woman from Tokyo who comes to visit the hot springs. This is a beautiful, charming film, and the actor who plays Toku gives one of the best, and most convincing portrayals of blindness in film.

It's available as part of a larger box set with English subtitles. Shot for shot, it's almost identical to the original, except in color.

Japanese superstar Kimura Tatsuya plays a low-ranking samurai Shinnojo, employed as a food-taster for his feudal lord.

One day, he suffers food poisoning from some bad shellfish, which leaves him blind.

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