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History and the different stages of the judgment are divided into ten units called 'weeks.' These seven-part units are suggestive for several reasons: they are one of a number of references and allusions to 'sevens' in the apocalypse (e.g., Enoch is the seventh patriarch); the ten 'weeks' total seventy units, itself a highly significant number in light of Jeremiah's prediction that Jerusalem would be desolate for the seventy years of Babylonian control (see Jer. 9:2, 24-27); and the decisive 'week,' that is, the one in which the actual author lives and when the great turning point in history will begin is the seventh. Thronton has suggested that it is a secret history of the Qumran sect.

As 7 x 7 = 49, the total brings to mind associations with the biblical jubilee (which the author of Jubilees and others understood as a forty-nine-year unit)." (An Introduction to Early Judaism, pp. It may originally have been limited to seven weeks and later expanded. If so, the conclusion, at least, would be somewhat later.

Accordingly at a somewhat early period, probably as far back as the second century before Christ, an apocalyptic writing appeared purporting to have been composed by Enoch, which work was subsequently issued in an enlarged and revised form. In the year 1773, Bruce the English traveller brought three manuscripts of it to Europe. This is followed by four periods of angelic rule up to the time of the Maccabean Revolt, the last assault of the Gentiles, and the great Judgment.

This Book of Enoch was already known to the author of the Book of 'Jubilees' and of the 'Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs,' and was afterwards a great favourite in the Christian Church. But it was not till the year 1821 that the whole work was given to the world through the English translation of Laurence. (1833), was based upon the English version of Laurence, and from chap. to the end (1838) on the Ethiopic version collated with a new manuscript. 1809), written in tachygraphic characters, was published in facsimile by Mai (Patrum Nova Biblioth. The last part of Section IV contains the prediction of the foundation of the new Jerusalem, the conversion of the Gentiles, the resurrection of the righteous, and the coming of the Messiah.

The indications are that these parts of 1 Enoch, together with a work known as the book of Giants, circulated at Qumran as separate writings and were also copied out in combination—with the book of Giants apparently as the second of the four elements—to form a four-part corpus of Enochic writings, a tetrateuch.

In particular he drew together in chapters 21-32 a number of different biblical traditions relating to the mountain of God (cp. It has accidentally been divided into two parts in the Ethiopian version of 1 Enoch and the order of the two parts reversed; an Aramaic manuscript from Qumran preserves much of the apocalypse and has the parts in the correct order (4Q212).The figures belonging to the primal history, like the figure of the Messiah, are symbolized by bulls; the figures of the patriarchs and their descendants down to the Hasmonean period are represented by sheep; their opponents are symbolized by wolves and other wild beasts. Depending on whether it concludes with Judas Maccabeus or ends with John Hyrcanus or even Alexander Jannaeus, it belongs to the middle or end of the second century, or to the first quarter of the first century B. His grandfather Mahalalel explains to him that the vision concerns the wickedness of the earth and its approaching destruction (the flood).He urges Enoch to pray that a remnant be left to him on the earth. The original language of 1 Enoch appears to be Aramaic, except for the Noah traditions, which were probably composed in Hebrew.It concludes (105): "In those days the Lord bade to summon and testify to the children of the earth concerning their wisdom: show (it) unto them; for ye are their guides, and a recompense over the world.

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Emil Schürer writes: "Enoch (in common with Elijah) occupies this singular position among the Old Testament men of God, that when removed from the earth he was carried directly to heaven. 55-56) James Charlesworth writes: "This pseudepigraph has evoked divergent opinions; but today there is a consensus that the book is a composite, portions of which are clearly pre-Christian as demonstrated by the discovery of Aramaic and Hebrew fragments from four of the five sections of the book among the Dead Sea Scrolls. Section IV runs along lines laid down in the first two portions dealing with the problem of sin and suffering of Israel.

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