Brody jenner and audrina patridge dating

platonically slept next to Brody Jenner in Hawaii and Jayde Nicole still hasn't forgiven her for it. Instead, the Playmate -- who just happens to be Brody Jenner's girlfriend -- has been dissing 'Drina on Twitter (trust us, it's a fun read) and slamming her in the press. "I really don't want to film with her, to be perfectly honest." (For his part, Brody sez he's done playing mediator. "I've put a crowbar to it, and that doesn't work.) Meanwhile, Jayde wants everyone to know she's not the angry/possessive type. She doesn't hate EVERYONE who's shared a bed with the Brodester.And that's what's been happening AWAY from the cameras! In fact, she's (apparently) one of Kristin Cavallari's biggest fans! about Brody's ex, who -- Jayde sez -- will "definitely" be good for the show.Keep reading to learn seven of the fakest storylines from the drama-packed show, straight from the stars! Justin Bobby Never Left Audrina Patridge at the Beach.And if you thought Patridge and Cavallari really butted heads over Brescia, don't be fooled. "The one thing I never told anyone, it was the one night we went to Heidi and Spencer's filming house and Kristin was having a party there, and me and her were supposed to fight about Justin," Patridge explains.Instead, it was an Australian BMXer who she met during filming that she fell in love with.After breaking up with Justin in 2008, Audrina met Corey Bohan and quickly had him join her on camera for an episode of .

"And the producers locked my car in the gate and took my keys.They hooked up on a trip to Hawaii while he was still in a relationship with Jayde Nicole. In 2010, was ranked #12 on Maxim magazine ‘Hot 100 Women’.She is also a bandhunter and constantly looking for new talents.Her acting career began in earnest after she had been casted to Into the Blue 2: The reef, where Jessica Alba 2005, had the first role interpretation.

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Rumors about their relationship started after they met at an US Weekly Hollywood party in L. They spent whole night laughing and flirting and left the party together.

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