Classroom activities about dating violence eharmony dating review

Continue to learn about the history, causes and effects, and prevention strategies related to domestic violence.

Examine its history in the United States, starting with the Curator’s Bibliography.

It offers simulation scenarios and highlights a couple of state and federal laws for class discussions.

This is one of the educational resources on the Washington State Courts website.

Set aside time for the speaker to answer questions the students have developed.

On the second day, arrange to have a speaker from a Domestic Violence agency speak to the class, particularly focusing on dating violence and its inherent escalation throughout a relationship.

Suggest that students might organize their information according to the following sub-categories: About the Author: Judy Terando has taught Physical Education and Health since 1965, focusing on bringing technology into the classroom and spurring student creativity.

Explain that they will combine their efforts to plan a school Dating Violence Awareness campaign.

On the third day, break the class into groups to compare and review information they have found.

This is a literature-based high-school curriculum intended for English teachers to help students understand, identify, and take actions against dating abuse.

“Love Is Not Abuse” uses literature and encourages critical thinking in discussions about teen dating abuse and healthy relationships.

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Explore how one may seek help, as well as get involved in preventing domestic and other kinds of violence by accessing several online examples of programs, services, and suggested readings that are listed under Online Resources.

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