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Black and Yellow – this color combination is important as it identifies areas where dangerous materials are kept or areas which may be unsafe.

Harmful materials like combustibles, chemicals and toxic materials may be present and extreme caution should be used.

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1910.35 OSHA will deem an employer demonstrating compliance with the exit route provisions of NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, or the exit route provisions of the IFC 2009, to be in compliance with 190.34, 1910..37.

1910.22(b) The lines used to delineate aisles may be any color so long as they clearly define the area consideredas aisle space.

1910.144 Red shall be the basic color for the identification of fire protection equipment and apparatus, containers of flammable liquids, stop buttons and electrical switches used for emergency stopping of equipment.

1910.144(a)(3) Yellow shall be the basic color for designating caution and marking physical hazards.

Yellow should be used for marking physical hazards (such as striking against, stumbling, falling, tripping and caught-in-between hazards).

As a result, many manufactures have adopted different policies regarding the color scheme and there has been a lot of debate surrounding which color scheme is best to use.

That said, there is a basic color code standard recommendation that is used which is widely accepted and generally complies with the OSHA standard, although again this specific color scheme is not documented by OSHA.

Red – is commonly used to identify areas of scrap/waste in the facility. Blue – blue should be used for areas in which there is work in process. Orange – should be used in areas such product or materials inspection.

Green – first aid locations and/or raw material areas should use green.

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