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If regarded negatively they may be called "sexual license" or "licentiousness".Restrictive behavior when judged negatively is called "sexual oppression"; if judged positively they are called "chastity", "sexual restraint", The Maritial Effect, or "sexual decency".And intra-psychic scenarios indicate the ways in which personal sexual 'turn ons' and imageries grow.Sexual scripts can be seen as providing guidelines for appropriate sexual behaviour and sexual encounters, as sexual behaviour and encounters are learned through culture and others in interactions.According to Gagnon and Simon, scripts can be layered through three dimensions: 'cultural scenarios', 'interpersonal scenarios', and 'intrapsychic scenarios'.Sexual feeling does not simply happen from within the body but needs meanings and symbols which provide cues and clues to enable sexualities to develop.

"Physiology sets only very broad limits on human sexuality; most of the enormous variation found among humans results from learning and conditioning.Cultural scenarios are linked to different historical periods and social change; scripts can be shown to change with the arrival of HIV/AIDS in the 1980s, for example (Epstein, Lauman ...).Interpersonal scenarios are linked to encounters and interactions (for example in rape, as illustrated in the early work of Stevi Jackson).It draws from a range of theories including symbolic interactionism, discourse theory and feminism.The theory of sexual scripting brings sociological, cultural, anthropological, historical and social psychological tools to the study of human sexualities.

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