Dating a really thin guy

I'm a big chick I weight twice as much as the guy who says hes in love with me.thing is hes skinny & tall & decent looking (I think hes def what I would consider hot) but I just don't see how he could love someone that looks like me, I find myself disgusting & gross & I don't understand how anyone could look passed this.thing is he wants to take it to the next level & I really do think I love him but I'm scared.will people think & say about us? If you ever decide to lose the weight you are carrying, only do so for your health benefits.

If this guy really wants to be with yo and you want to be with him, then knock yourselves out.

You can call it sexist, but the bottom line is, men cannot help but look. For a woman, you want to have the best version of your body type.

You want to make sure to highlight whatever you feel is your strong point in terms of how men think.

We have an advanced search engine within our system which will offer you complete flexibility over your search for a date.

We offer you an amazing amount of choices to help you find your perfect date including location, occupation and interests to name but a few.

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Skinny dating is a unique online dating service specifically aimed at your love of the thinner frame.

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