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For men, perhaps you have experienced many relationships already, just got out of a long relationship or you simply just want a to feel alive and young once again.

Either way, it’s just an embarrassment waiting to happen every time Puerto Rican men step out that door to go out and murder someone, er… Try going to a formal gala wedding where you’re all decked out in your Sunday’s best, and you see someone looking like fucking bum just rolled outta rehab with the following ensemble as clothing: After seeing that, I just wanted Zeus to strike me down with a vicious thunderbolt…

As always, here’s Madonna herself enlightening us on what compelled her to write this next article comparing – from a women perspective, of course – the dating scene in Puerto Rico and the US, and the differences between Puerto Rican men and American Guys: I’m currently not on the island and you know what that means…a new article!

It’s been forever since I’ve written for Clevered… I will say though, I’ve seen some really crazy shit happening in Puerto Rico lately.

After all that, no wonder some Puerto Rican men can’t even afford a happy meal… Just tell ‘em Puerto Rican men about that word, and you’ll get this a response that will much resemble something like this…

Okay, so maybe there’s some Puerto Rican men that don’t need to pimp out their car and already have that Aston Martin that they only park in handicapped spaces to avoid scratches… You tell them that, and they’ll think it’s a stripper’s name or Daddy Yankee’s newest reggaeton song.

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They might as well live inside their cars here in Puerto Rico, because most of their money is spent on pimping out a 1986 Honda Accord with blue halogen lights, a sound system featuring a bass so loud that it would kill the entire population of blue whales in the Pacific Ocean, the infamously annoying racing muffle that would make even a NASCAR redneck deaf, some flat screen TVs on the seats…

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