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You could argue that all the evidence points to Jonny not really fancying Kit and you may well be right, but I instead choose to believe that this is a shy 8 from Jonny, because the most telling answer of all, ironically, is Jonny’s “hard to tell” when asked what he thinks she made of him.

Jonny doesn’t want to gush in case Kit wasn’t interested, nor does he want to be too harsh on her or humiliate her in a magazine. Nobody really cares, I know, but it can be very hard to be a man in tis column and not say the wrong thing. And it’s equally hard to be a woman in this column because you get so accustomed to the men behaving like absolute arseholes that you worry anything you say might make you look like a tragic heroine of a terrible romcom.

But I have noticed a definite shift from going veggie being something people either admired about you or let you get on with, to a thing people actively take the piss out of you for, and obsess over, like it’s a character flaw. GOOD like it would’ve been for Jonny to actually say three distinct words rather than a statement, especially when you consider the fact that “A” isn’t really a , as such, I mean it is, but taken out of context, it is meaningless. LAUGH like I’m sure we all will, about this, one day.People might say this is a bad thing and that we’re all becoming narcissists and as soon as I’ve taken this selfie I will rebut that argument very strongly. Not sure why you’d want to dull its shine with two qualifiers that sound like apologies or excuses.“Down to earth”, I know, is supposed to be a compliment, but it depends who’s saying it. A total lack of a match on conversation topics would usually have alarm bells ringing, but here it seems quite charming. I, too, am sickened by the “PDA going on at table six” – which is a very nice Victoria Wood-level of detail there – but the restaurant looks like the kind of anything goes, “credit card debt dressed up as wild hedonism” place that people who love PDAs would really like to go. I’m not sure if it’s the same for anyone else who lived through the 1990s, but I’m quite amazed at the contempt levelled at vegetarianism now.I think we could’ve done with the “pretty” down here rather than all the way up there if we’re going to be taking this to an 8 today. We don’t trust others not to use it to their own advantage.And there’s something irritating about those who wear their hearts on their sleeves, isn’t there?

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And we don’t have too much of that – especially if Tiny Hands finds that big red button. Cards so close to her chest, the print from the Jack of Diamonds has rubbed off on her bra. Not that anyone has said no to kissing me, but I have read it’s a thing that can genuinely happen to others.

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