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If they are not online in some way, they feel left out of the “club.” Just do a simple search through You Tube or Instagram and you will find multiple videos from teenagers on “how to date a pretty girl,” “how to make your hair bigger,” or “how to recognize signs of sexual attraction.” It’s beyond pitiful.

Sadly, we can blame our sophisticated technology for increasing the narcissism in our world today.

As a result, it’s important that you understand the “symptoms” of an emotionally needy narcissist.The person might also only seek companionship with people who are in higher positions than them or in similar positions with a powerful background.There is often no foundation for their level of high-mindedness.But there are other types of narcissists and they don’t always have the “symptoms” or behaviors we all understand narcissists to have.In fact, there are some very emotionally needy and callous narcissists that present with very different “behaviors” or “symptoms.” For me, these narcissists don’t look narcissistic.

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But, if we are fair, we cannot solely blame technology for the innate feelings of superiority that some of us are born with.

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