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more about Alina from Kharkiv I have a lot of energy inside..

If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher))..that is a good thing for any man hope I will not have a phi...

We've sat through enough matches with our Dad to have formed a strong opinion on men kicking a ball around. He knows a LOT of stuff about you, and it's very likely he thinks you're a bit of a twat. To our dads, we are beacons of good behaviour and purity. Our dad will be VERY protective of our general happiness. No offence, but he has a lot more life experience than you. We've watched him fixing lightbulbs, breaking things with a screwdriver, and messing with the TV before giving in and calling the Sky guy. And if we do, we'll let you lend a hand VERY begrudgingly. While most girls are scared of turning into their mums, we're a little bit worried we'll start rambling about recycling and watching Top Gear repeats every evening.

more about Tasya from Dnepropetrovsk I am a kind, smart, charming, tender, loving, emotional woman. My dream is to find my real Love and have a wonderful family. more about ANNA from KIEV Recently my life was changed.

I left my job in a boring office and now I work as an administrator at the Honda Service Station.

I can give affection, tenderness, and my care to my man.

I am waiting for the hunter, the one who is capable to catch and disarm me) I am interes...

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