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The 150-year-old University of Notre Dame is South Bend's biggest tourist draw, and for good reason.

Though it's not easy to land seats at the 80,000-plus-capacity Notre Dame Stadium for a "Fighting Irish" football game, you'll find plenty of attractions on the beautiful, expansive campus.

We purchased tickets for the train and the carousel.

Our first stop was the carousel that my daughter loved!

I liked it before, but now it's filled with much more flavor. We purchased a cake from Cops & Donuts and it was amazing! My weaving teacher is a kick-ass old lady who constantly pushes me to improve, and my classmates are so supportive. It was very interesting and I know my great grandson enjoyed it very much.The park was clean and every person we came in contact with wore a smile. we went to the Valley RV/Camper show this past weekend. I like to go out to dinner, go dancing, go to the movies, workout, travel, see new things.I always have a good time at Fiddler's Hearth and yesterday was no exemption. My ribeye was cooked to perfection (medium) which seems difficult for any other place I order it. I think the menu said it's garlic - infused now. Bed is firm, so if you're into firm mattresses, it'll be great!! A truly awesome, superb performance of a very powerful play. Through Facebook, we’re able to talk to you, find out what’s on your mind and let you know what we’re up to.I liked it before, but now it's filled with much more flavor. It’s just another way we’re working to give the millions of families who shop at Walmart more of what they love—ways to save money and live better. Greta's was the first bridal ship I went to, and having no idea what to expect, I was very pleased.

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