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In order of importance: It is usual to speak of being in love as the most important thing in deciding to get married—or staying married, for that matter. Most emotionally healthy people fall in love readily.If a relationship comes to an end for any of the reasons that such a thing can happen, the healthy person is likely to meet someone else and fall in love all over again in months or, perhaps, a year or so. She had all kinds of reasons for despising men, including their being untrustworthy. I saw another woman for the first time after she had been jilted by her lover of the previous two years.

They tend to work in cultures which support pairing off in this way.

The considerations I list above are most important in determining whether someone will be a good husband or wife.

Yet, when dating, the first thing everyone looks for is good looks. It turns out that having a symmetrical face, and an attractive figure, are good indications of genetic viability.

They are from a suburban community; and they live in the twenty-first century. (You do not have to imagine all the unsatisfactory dates they had before meeting each other.) If the man does not call the following day, the woman will feel less enthusiastic. It does not matter if she thinks, or is told by others, that it is not reasonable to expect someone to call right away.

Being wanted unambiguously and unmistakably makes a difference.

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