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The Department of Education at Vassar College reflects the philosophy that a broad liberal arts education is the cornerstone of successful teaching.

We emphasize the importance of critical reflection in developing an emerging philosophy of education and teaching.

A student organization dedicated to helping Asians and Asian-Americans to succeed and develop a strong sense of identity and to educate the larger community about the issues concerning Asians and Asian-Americans A student organization established to provide an on-campus support system for the individual Black student while establishing ties with students on other campuses and to serve as a viable political, educational, and cultural force. Vassar relies on the generosity of alumnae/i, parents and friends like you to help sustain these resources.Giving to The Vassar Fund is the single most important thing you can do for the College each and every year.Affiliated with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, a student movement active at universities and colleges across the United States.The purposes of the Fellowship include providing members of the Christian community with an opportunity for fellowship and spiritual growth.

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