Dealing with online dating rejection

In many ways it forms the backdrop of your self-identity for years to come. It’s the fear-avoidance model of behavior – the anticipation and fear of that pain causes you to avoid the thing that caused the pain, which only makes the fear stronger and perpetuates the cycle.

By avoiding the fear, you reinforce it, which causes you to avoid it more to the point that the pain.

If you never learn how to handle rejection, rejection will shred your soul. I followed her around like a lost puppy for four years.

When I confessed my interest in her and asked her out the weekend before graduation she said no…

One of the hardest things about getting better at dating is that you have to learn how to take the hit.

This is why the three-second rule is so important in making cold approaches – not only does it keep your brain from vapor-locking over every imagined worst-case scenario, but it keeps you from over-investing in this one person.

Similarly there’s no babe so awesomely gorgeous that everyone will agree that they’re sex on toast. But here’s the thing that’s true: you can either learn how to take the hit and roll with it, or you can let it break you.

If you never learn how to take that punch, it will destroy you every time.

and I was crying so damned hard I literally drove my car into a ditch.

Let me tell you, having to go walk back to her house to call a tow-truck?

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