Educated women dating uneducated men

The trend is particularly sharp among newlyweds; in 2012 almost 40% of college educated women were married to a guy without a degree.This is a big reversal from the 30 year trend between 19, when it was the men who were marrying down, educationally speaking.

One of the reasons seems to be that marriage, which used to be like the draft—more or less mandatory—is now more like voting: people aren't quite sure what's in it for them.More than 40% of all children are now born to single mothers.Married people are much less likely to live in poverty than unmarried people, and the children of families with two parents tend to fare better across a series of measures than those of single parent families. What has not yet been conclusively proved is which is the the predicating factor, the lack of money or the lack of a wedding ring.This however, would require a serious rethinking of expectations on the part of both genders.Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Family / Marriage of an Educated Woman and Uneducated Man (17534 Views) Pastor Gave Fake Prophecy That Destroyed My Marriage Of 10 Years / Wife Shocking Confession That Ended Her Marriage Of 5years / How To Date, Marry & Fit Into The Life Of An Educated Professional Man (1) (2) (3) (4) I dont see the marriage lasting.

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Nothing can take the place of love, money cannot, fame cannot, handsomeness cannot, beauty cannot.

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