European dating in the 1500 s

To the north the hunting and gathering elements predominate.

Next map, Europe 2500 BC Read full article on Ancient European History - The previous centuries has seen nomadic peoples from the central Asian steppes, speaking Indo-European languages, coming into eastern and central Europe.

It probably caused the fall of the first civilization on the European mainland, that of the Mycenaeans in Greece, and led to the violent eruption of the “Sea Peoples” from southern Europe into Middle Eastern history.

However, at around this time, civilizing influences from the Middle East begin again to be felt by the peoples of south-eastern Europe.

Long-range trade networks are becoming established throughout the continent, and linking Europe to the Middle East.

Copper is coming into use, starting in southern Europe and spreading into eastern and central areas of the continent.

Next map, Europe 200 AD The Roman empire has expanded considerably over the past couple of hundred years.

They bring with them knowledge of the great civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt - and also an important new tool, alphabetic writing.

The emergence of the Classical city-state in the Mediterranean world has allowed one of the most brilliant civilizations in all human history to develop, that of ancient Greece.

Their small, fiercely competitive republics provide a fruitful environment for advances in many branches of endeavour, artistic, intellectual and political.

Next map, Europe 500 BC Read the full article on Ancient European History Over the last few centuries the coming of the Iron Age to Europe has led to a large growth in populations throughout the continent, as well as great advances in culture.

On the coasts and islands of the Mediterranean Sea - of Greece and the Aegean, southern Italy and Sicily, the southern coasts of France and Spain, and north Africa - hundreds of city-states now flourish.

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