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-STORY- You are Paul, the leader of a secret society.You swore to protect an ancient artifact : A Golden Shaft.Use your magic to summon plants and stop those horny travelers. Your energy remaining (or Mana) is written on the top left corner. You summon a plant by Drag-Dropping a plant from the top of the screen onto the board.(Careful, once summoned, there is no way to remove it) 3.

But the rumor spread and soon, women from all around the world wanted to get a hold of it.The game was a hilariously outstanding take on the plants vs zombies universe.The only thing I know about coding is that it's not an easy practice, but I personally think you killed it with this one.- I look forward to your next piece, RS I like the game, it's well done.The only two improvements I can think of that I really want to see most are these. Descriptions/Stats- You tell the description and stats of each plant AFTER a round of using a new one.

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