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Wer Geistig fit bleiben möchte, beschäftigt sich mit den unzähligen interaktiven Gedächtnisaufgaben.Neben einer Reisepartner- und Partnervermittlung 50plus gibt es auf dem Internetportal von auch eigene Rubriken für die Vermittlung von Leihomas, Pflegekräften und Wohngemeinschaften. Gay Male looking for Friends & Connections I am a confident and out-going mature male (Sixty) Looking for Companionship of any age (Twenty-Sixty) for friendship and outings (Movies, Dancing, Dining). LOOKING FOR A GAY BFF Hey, I am a 26 year old women who is looking for a new best friend. Male 54 for friendship I'm a 54 year old gay male searching for friendship . My friends and I are looking for a new friend for our crew.I already have 2 female BFF's but they live far from me and I am looking for someone who is local. Gay/Lesbian LGBT Advice Couples You Tube Channel The title is really long Hey guys, we're starting up a You Tube channel! Where we will be sharing our own perspective on random LGBT ️‍ oriented topics. My interests are outdoors , cars , renovations , movies , metal detecting , exploring . I'm female in my 40's looking for female friends. Men who are gay are okay but I don't need a relationship, I have one. Movie buddy wanted Seeking to connect with either a male or female who is gay friendly who would be interested in sharing an evening at the movies. Must be open to jovial humor and not easily offended. Male seeking friendship with male or female Gay male, 40, seeking to make new friendships with either male or female.

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About Me: I'm friendly, i tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, masculine, homebody but have fun going out when need be, conversational, bold, adventurous, mature, sensitive, commited, traveler, explorer, loyal, respectful, patient (they say its a virtue :p), goofy when its right to be. About Guys I Want To Meet: Masculine, homebody, Fun,mature,sensitive,bold,adventurous,easy going,supportive,sporty, fit, gym oriented,conversational (two word replies are silly), spontaneous,traditional, well mannered, gracious, good cook, loyal, tidy, organized, witty, also please be able to maintain a conversation, If you w...

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