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Google Ad Sense code should only be added directly to your HTML, ASP or PHP pages.

Ad code should not be added to files or in embedded i Frame pages.

We also have made available a selection of free scripts and addons.

Animation applications (j Query and Flash) and dynamic content (forms and menus) all use plain text files with standard image files.

You can generate "responsive" ads for mobile in your account login.

Allwebco pre-built portal websites allow for any type of ad, banner, image, text, or affiliate link to be added to any of the pages.

Google Ad Sense is a web based program that allows anyone to earn money by adding pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, as text links and images, on their website.

The ads, and ad content, are generated by Google and will automatically display ads relevant to the text content of your website.

For more info and to sign up, go to Google Ad Sense.

For the Ad Sense program to decide what content is relevant to the website ads are placed on, text articles, image alt tags, domain name and webpage names are all read by the program.

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You can add the code to PHP "include" files because these files actually write the code into your webpages.

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