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On Surface devices, the firmware is exposed to the operating system as a driver and is visible in Device Manager.

This allows a Surface device firmware to be automatically updated along with all drivers through Windows Update.

These Windows Installer packages can be deployed with utilities that support application deployment, including the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) and System Center Configuration Manager.

This solution allows for centralized deployment and for administrators to test and review firmware updates before they are deployed.

The latest version of Cura (including latest firmware version) can always be found on the Software page.

In order to install the latest firmware to your Ultimaker, follow the steps described below.

The firmware and driver pack can be imported into either System Center Configuration Manager or MDT, and are used to deploy a fully updated environment, complete with firmware, to a target Surface device.

For a complete step-by-step guide for deployment to Surface Pro 3 using either Configuration Manager or MDT, download the Deployment and Administration Guide for Surface Pro 3 from the Microsoft Download Center.

For the Ultimaker 2 Family and Ultimaker Original you also need to attach the power supply and turn the Ultimaker on.

Automatic updates with Windows Update may not be applicable where updates are carefully managed, or when you deploy a new operating system to a Surface device.

Although firmware is provided automatically by Windows Update for computers that receive updates directly from Microsoft, in environments where updates are carefully managed by using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), updating the firmware through Windows Update is not supported.

For managed environments, there are a number of options you can use to deploy firmware updates.

Windows Update The simplest solution to ensure that firmware on Surface devices in your organization is kept up to date is to allow Surface devices to receive updates directly from Microsoft.

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