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With a comprehensive federal assessment of global warming, all levels of private and public decision-making can be better informed and equipped for effectively shaping future policy.

The assessment clearly outlines what effect global warming is already having on our lives, our livelihoods, and our future.

The green band shows changes over the last century due to natural forces alone, as simulated by climate models.

The blue band shows model simulations of the effects of human and natural forces combined.

● Ocean waters are becoming warmer and more acidic due to absorption of CO2, broadly affecting ocean circulation, chemistry, ecosystems, distribution, and abundance of marine life.

● Earth’s ecosystems, such as forests, barrier beaches, and wetlands, and the biodiversity within them are being impacted, notably in the timing of critical biological events like spring budding, by extreme weather events, and substantial range shifting of many species.

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Image Notes: Separating Human From Natural Influences On Global Warming.

Image Notes: Observed Increase in Frost-Free Season Length The frost-free season length, defined as the period between the last occurrence of 32°F in the spring and the first occurrence of 32°F in the fall, has increased in each U. ● Extreme heat, drought, disease, and heavy downpours are causing increasing impacts on crops and livestock, possibly diminishing future food supply security.

● Impacts on ecosystems and livelihoods pertaining to water supply reliability and quality due to heavy flooding are expected to increase. Trend magnitude (triangle size) and direction (green = increasing trend, brown = decreasing trend) of annual flood magnitude from the 1920s through 2008. 201348) ● Increased heat and reduced moisture due to drought conditions are expected to lead to earlier and longer wildfire seasons.

Interestingly, the 2014 NCA reported that satellite sensors measuring the sun’s output over the past 50 years have recorded no overall increase in the sun’s output.

This clearly proves that the sun is not responsible for global warming.

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● Fatalities and illness are expected to increase as a result of increased wildfires, decreased air quality, and diseases transmitted by insects, food, and water.

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