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Matches and conversations were looked at from four months in 2016, to find out whether people stayed picky or loosened up a bit.

If the thought of spending another dinner with your boyfriend discussing the latest batch of action movies disgusts you, there may be a problem.

When it comes to relationships, mutual chemistry and attraction are great, but what about compatible intellects?

If you love spending time with someone special, but you don’t really have much to discuss, there could be a problem.

“The more educated cohort tends to care less about matching the same level of education as they get older,” Whyte said.

“Older women in particular have a greater likelihood of contacting potential partners who are less educated than themselves but conversely, younger males fall into this category as well.” Surprisingly, some psychologists suggest that men are more likely than women to end up compromising as they get older because there are gender differences in these kinds of scenarios.

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For example, Dr Aaron Ben-Ze’ev wrote in Psychology Today that women are more likely to make compromises on their partner at a young age, rather than when they’re older, because they’re concerned about settling down and having children.

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