Product release or enzyme damage might thus limit catalytic performance.Yet circular dichroism and visible absorption spectra of transparent CPO sol-gel sheets did not indicate enzyme damage.In addition, consensus was obtained to change the level of salt iodation from the current 40-60 per person per month to 35-65 per person per month as well as to make the regulations stricter in relation to importers and re-packers of salt.Through UNICEF, the Medical Research Council has been contracted to conduct an IDD survey which will update the situation amongst women of child bearing age and school aged children. UNICEF will continue to provide technical support to those producers who are still not iodating their salt and increase advocacy to the agricultural sector to comply with the regulations on food grade salt.The Agrocybe aegerita peroxidase (Aa P) has strong brominating as well as weak chlorinating and iodating activities, and catalyzes both benzylic and aromatic hydroxylations (e.g., of toluene and naphthalene).Aa P and related fungal peroxidases could become promising biocatalysts in biotechnological applications because they seemingly fill the gap between CPO and P450 enzymes and act as "self-sufficient" peroxygenases.However, during the recent national measles and polio campaign the Government of South Africa made a decision to exclude vitamin A supplementation as a component due to possible toxicity.

To improve catalytic performance the sol-gel protocol was modified.This is the result of an inadequate intake of iodised salt, in their diet.Evidence of improved outcomes from the iodisation of table salt was seen in primary school children in four communities of the Western and Eastern Cape provinces.This year the Network convened a planning meeting to re-prioritise salt iodation which was attended by public health practitioners as well as salt packers and producers throughout the country.One of the main achievements was agreement by the salt industry to have permanent representation on the Network.

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