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Amer had to drag her away before the situation could escalate.

For Amer, one of the deepest frustrations is not just the bigotry of some on the Israeli Right but also the hypocrisy he sees among liberal Israelis.

“I’m seeing that we’re becoming a fascist, undemocratic society and human rights are already being violated and ours are next,” she said. If it were just up to me, we’d be gone.” Amer believes his wife is overreacting and that her alarm comes partly from an Israeli habit of seeing the world through the prism of the Holocaust.

For him “there is still balance” in Israel and the forces of extremism are, for now, in check.

What’s easier is for them to know the truth of who they are.” The family has faced racism in big and small ways.

When they got into a legal dispute with their Jewish neighbours, the opposing side made sly references in court papers to the fact they were a mixed couple.

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The demonstration was picketed by members of Lehava, a Right-wing Jewish group that aggressively opposes assimilation between Jews and Arabs.

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