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I don’t think either of us was ready.” On keeping their relationship under wraps at first: “Nobody knew about it for awhile, because we like to be at home, cooking and not going out.Peter Krause expected to discuss Thursday’s season premier of “Parenthood” when he showed up to TODAY, but Kathie Lee and Hoda had their minds set on something else. Part of the actor thing too is that you play pretend at something for a while and then you get to tell a new story. But that’s the funny thing about this business, you have to make a plan and then be open to it not working out. That was appealing to me having done something that was peppy and heroic. I think it’s satisfying, but I think it’s a little polarizing. I was drawn to her because she’s an opposite to what I’d done on TV before. Where Lorelei Gilmore had a positive spin on everything, this was someone who felt tired and had really struggled. She’s doing better this season, especially in her romantic relationships, which have been frustrating to watch her struggle with over the past seasons. I did have quite a parade of different guest actors I got to play with on the show. Do you feel satisfied with the ending Sarah gets on the show? Graham joined the cast as single mom Sarah Braverman in 2010 after the show had already been picked up by the network and found a way to bring a positive spin to the character’s ongoing trials and tribulations. In fact this season and last season, I’m trying not to be emotional because I don’t want to be manipulative if it’s not truthful and doesn’t belong. ” If I make additions or changes to scenes, that’s what it is. That's why I think Lorelei was such a fun character for me, because that athletic language and take on things is what I like. What do you hope ’s legacy will be in television and pop culture? The show has been the work of a large ensemble, but it’s hard not to pinpoint Lauren Graham’s efforts as a standout. I didn’t know what I wanted to do [after was not what I planned. I always saw myself as a comedic actor and wacky best friend. ” But the emotional charge of these scenes is actually so high that I’m not trying to cry. That’s just the way I come in to most things, with “What’s funny about this?What I remember about coming to LA is that suddenly work was as big a presence in my life as my life itself.My work took up all this time and space and it shifts your relationship. What do you think has given you the confidence and the courage to continue to pursue acting no matter what?

I always loved Jared Padalecki as Dean because it was those early years and they were so sweet together and it was first love.I always think, “How did I have the guts to keep going and have this job? Well, it supposed to be out late spring or early summer. I love doing it so much that I was fighting for the chance to do it for the living. Things just came together in the way they sometimes do when I came out to LA. I got enough practice and confidence that it became easier. We didn’t have all these things, like , that make fame look like the prize. I’m so thankful not to have had because it kept me focused on “What am working at?There’s a voice that overpowers the one that says “You can’t do this.” If something didn’t work, I would get a new teacher or take another class or take another turn. ” not the exterior of “How does it look and what am I getting? The nature of this work is that there’s always something new to learn and more to grow. And I am satisfied, but I have so much more I want to do." and I'm like, "I'm mauling her, that's why."' On Saturday, however, Lauren's attention was entirely devoted to Gilmore Girls when she convened with her former cast for a discussion of their hit show, where Amy elaborated on plans for a film or reboot of the show. Ours were at least 85 and we almost never cut anything,' Lauren said.'We could never say, "You’re not going to use this scene." We just had to speed it up.

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