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"We were a 10-year overnight success," says frontman and principal songwriter, Gary Lightbody. But we're honest, and we're not shy about trying to connect with people.

So I feel secure and justified in the world." Snow Patrol's follow-up, A Hundred Million Suns, was released this week.

They won four-star reviews, were plastered over magazine covers, inspired a chain of copycat bands, and were garlanded with end-of-year awards.

Yet, by the time the dust had settled, the biggest-selling band of the year turned out to be a little heralded, long-serving Scots/Irish outfit of geekish, unprepossessing scruffs turning 30, who had been knocking around since 1994, and had barely picked up a good review in the process.

I have calmed down."There may be another explanation.

As even a cursory examination of the album would reveal, Lightbody is in love.

The pair only began dating when they appeared together at the Meteor Music Awards in March.

"Since they fell for each other, they've hardly been out of each other's sight.

"But it's taken me three years to understand the last one. Gary Lightbody lead singer of Irish supergroup Snow Patrol; Gorgeous..

It was the year of the Arctic Monkeys, when the Sheffield tyros came roaring out of My Space with the fastest-selling debut album ever.

Snow Patrol's fourth album, Eyes Open, shifted 1.6 million copies in the UK and more than four million worldwide.

Their number one single, Chasing Cars, stayed in the UK charts for 85 weeks.

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