Maria kanellis and cm punk dating

Accordingly, they’ve tried to replicate the Trish experiment since.

It likely justifies their whole attitude to the women’s division: why bother hiring actual female wrestlers (who usually don’t have the looks), when you could just get models in and train them to be good wrestlers?

) The pitch of the show is that unknown MMA fighters would fight in gruelling matches to win the privilege of dating the supposedly stunning Ashley (for some reason, this concept conjured up the memory in my mind of GSP after he won the interim Welterweight title: “No, No, I don’t want this!

”) She was the winner of the first Diva Search and a management favourite for some time- they liked her look and her willingness to learn.

No, it’s never a good sign when we can clearly see your rib cages in pictures.

Then there was the small matter of Rolling Stone Magazine outing her as a high-priced escort in their May 2008 issue after an FBI sting operation.

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There were also some bizarre rumours about her and HHH (which were shot down by most reporters; after all, Christy looks way too much like a woman for HHH to be interested.) So, what was the deal?

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