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Seriously though, this film is unworthy of sympathy. Clearly, this laboured metaphor is best used to illustrate the film's simple-mindedness rather than the inherent tragedy surrounding love and desire.Take the exchange that gives us the title, for example. Perhaps the obtuseness of the film comes from Hong-Kong director Wong Kar-wai.And finally, Natalie Portman plays Leslie, a professional poker player who's down on her luck. The bars and the gambling dens are full of characters without hope, ambition and opportunity but there's a concerted effort to depict these places with romance.Her babyface isn't designed to carry the woes of a gambling addict and the decision to keep her perfect skin and hair means Portman comes across like just another movie star. We see nothing of New York outside of the café except for an elevated subway train flickering across an overhead bridge.

In Memphis, Elizabeth meets an alcoholic cop who's been cuckolded by his much younger wife.In the beginning, My Blueberry Nights sees New York café-owner Jeremy befriend the recently heart-broken Elizabeth.She comes in after hours and comforts herself with blueberry pie while he delivers unbelievably trite philosophies on love and life. That might seem like a cynical reaction but this is the age of Gillian Mc Keith and Richard Dawkins, and we should tolerate neither unhealthy comfort eating nor illogical, emotionally-driven theories. I just lay there, thinking: “I’m being kissed by Jude Law – how bad can this be? Norah Jones: No – he just viewed it as a good acting part. We will always be good friends, but we have worked together, lived together and been on the road together.It was such a beautiful sight, the song wrote itself. Norah Jones: It it involved kissing men like Jude Law?

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