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To build stronger connections and truly open up to the possibilities of a solid relationship, the only way to truly get there is by opening up.

Something I've come across a few times on my quest for a man on Ok Cupid is that some of the guys out there feel a need to project their intelligence in a way that says, “You're probably not on my level.” There is nothing worse than going on a date with someone who references a million different novels you've likely never read, while condescendingly explaining why your opinions are wrong.

On the most basic level, it's also a lot easier to start a conversation with someone when they comment on your uncanny knowledge of hip coffee spots, as opposed working with a “what's up”.

I don't know about you, but I need someone who goes out of his way to spell check their profile, and won't revert to the AIM speak of the early 2000s.

I always know when a guy is super into me because he goes out of his way every day to find ways to talk to me.

Whether it’s sending me a link to a story, a meme, a song, he’s trying to stay involved and be a part of my world and that kind of attention is important.

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If they decided to say hello first, it's important that they're a tad more creative than “heyy” with two “ys.” Any person who takes initiative, and comments on something that you said in your profile, whether it was about your job which is obviously important to you, or your ongoing curiosity about Jon Snow's death status, it shows that this person took the time to read your profile.

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