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Directory is an Oregon online web directory covering useful listings to Oregon such as travel, business, computer, environment, shopping, services, society, travelling, transportation, education & reference, arts, entertainment.Online Dating Magazine Online Dating Magazine is a free online publication for daters and people in relationships.So Andrew may see a woman in the Webcam typing while the scammer types, “Andrew, look at this new dress I got today.” The video of the woman in the Webcam then stands up to show off the dress.There’s now no doubt in Andrew’s mind that the person he is chatting with is real when in reality it is someone completely different.The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers.The scammers are using their images without their knowledge or permission to deceive their victims and steal their money.However, more unique male profiles/career (e.g., an exotic job such as “rodeo clown”) showed an increase in average e-mails compared to more standard or mundane profiles (mean average of 3.85 vs. long-term relationship postings on the number of e-mails received and attractiveness of the profile picture.

Dating websites have been a growth area since the onset of the Internet in the 1990’s, with over 20 million people visiting dating websites monthly (Online Dating Magazine, 2011). -For gender, a large discrepancy in contacts was noted, with females receiving an average of 54.62 e-mails vs.The scammer may also find photos on Facebook or via online searches.Finally, armed with photos and multiple days of Webcam footage of the unsuspecting person, the scammer creates a fake online dating profile to lure victims.“Up until now scams would consist of communication via an online dating service followed by emails and phone calls,” says Joe Tracy, publisher of Online Dating Magazine at We believe contact initiation is driven by a number of factors. -For Women: An intense number of e-mails were received the first 3 days of postings, which then level through the remainder of days listed.These include: (a) basic attraction characteristics from reflecting Social Exchange Theory (e.g., physical beauty, social status) (b) males’ role to pursue females (suggesting males will initiate contact) as supported through Evolutionary Psychology (e.g., Buss, 1994) (c) profiles which are unique, reflecting Optimal Distinctiveness Theory (Timmor & Katz-Navon, 2008). -For Men: Higher SES and/or high-end career (e.g., earning 150k per year; career in Finance) had no effect on contacts. Long-Term Relationship preference: Using loglinear analysis, we investigated the effects of casual vs.

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