Oracle trigger if inserting or updating

Is that something can be achieved without using Triggers?April 22, 2012 - am UTC you cannot really truly prevent the owner. Never grant anything on that column (do not grant update) Do not put code into the schema owner Lock the schema owner except for upgrades sure, you could use a trigger and make everything slower for everyone (and still not solve the problem, I'm the owner, I'll just disable it).Thanks Koshal In the question I asked, I used the when clause.I am just asking is there anything other way than when clause.I'm not sure if my declarations are correct and the first two statements after the BEGIN statement are correct as that 1st line was flagged as a compilation error.I think something is going on with this example and my lack of the NULL value entry there in the IF statement, but unsure where to put that part in my coding. The organization wants to track all pledge payment activity.And of course the Oracle 11g Reference Doc for Triggers, I've gone over it but you can check it out yourself too. Each time a pledge payment is added, changed, or removed, the following information should be captured in a separate table: username, current date, action taken (INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE), and the idpay value for the payment record.

I have read that using SERIAL not null on the Table column entry may eliminates the need for a sequence and referencing table, but I need that for my homework to work.

The problem with one I defined is for every update/delete (even that update does not involve these two columns) it is checking whether the column has changed or not.

CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER test BEFORE UPDATE OR DELETE ON test FOR EACH ROW WHEN ( NVL (new.user_id, -999999) NVL (OLD.stts_id, -999999) ) Is there any other effective way.

I'd go with do not grant do not have code in owners schema (since that doesn't need grant, table schemas shouldn't have code anyway in most cases) do not allow owner to be a schema you log in as - it isn't necessary.

DBA's with "update any table" will of course be able to bypass that, but then again, they'd be able to bypass the trigger too - so so what.

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I did not realize you can select columns in the update statement.

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