Orcad updating all instances

The idea of having to worry about individual keys makes me a bit anxious.We have an ARM compiler license dongle that moves around from machine to machine at the office and we have lost it several times!As we’ll see shortly, this will also become important to resolve this problem “for real”.Another Temporary Solution Folks commenting on a previous svchost article have reported success by removing and reinstalling Windows Update. There are rumors that Microsoft actually has a fix, but that you need to call up and ask for it rather than getting it through normal channels.The Schematic Sheets region of the dialog will load all possible schematic documents to which the update can be applied.This can be either a single, free schematic document, or all schematic sheets within the active project.Mentor has told me that this is not their problem, that this is a Microsoft problem.

Back annotate to Capture If changes affecting the netlist have been made in Allegro, back annotate the design using the File Al ----------------------------------------------------------- To subscribe/unsubscribe: Send a message to [email protected] with a subject of subscribe or unsubscribe To view the archives of this list please login at

Looking at task manager I see that my computer is experiencing high CPU usage. You’ll often find several copies of svchost running.

Looking more closely I see that something called “svchost” is taking 100% of my CPU time. That’s actually a composite question based on several reports I’ve been getting recently. Svchost, or more correctly “Service Host”, is a program that is designed to run other programs and “hosts” many of the system services in Windows XP. From what I’ve heard and have been able to tell, this is nothing more than a bug. The bug appears to be related to the Windows Update service – the service that you’re supposed to keep running at all times so that updates will be automatically downloaded to your machine.

Expand Services and Applications, and then underneath that click on Services.

In the resulting list on the right, locate Automatic Updates: Right click on Automatic Updates and click on Properties.

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eric ------------------------------------------- How to set up and perform pin swapping in Capture to Allegro flow? 11081414 Product Version 9.2.3 Created 03/21/2003 S/W Release --- Last Revised 3/27/03 PM Platform Wintel O/S Version Win 2000 ILS In order to perform pin swapping between Capture and Allegro, you first need to setup a Pin Group property for those parts in Capture followed by actual swapping in Allegro and then back annotating that into Capture.

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