Oriana y victor driga are dating town in brittany predating stonehenge

He is many girls' fantasy guy: honest, enthusiastic, handsome and romantic. He is originally from Valencia, but his mother Monica was relocated for work (she is a radio producer) and his aunt Magaly (The owner of the Music Academy and Talent) gets him work in the small all-student college radio, "Date". Along with Rosangela and Oriana, Rosmery forms the popular group dubbed the 'Sifrinas'. In the beginning, she becomes Aran's girlfriend, later breaking up and developing a crush on Victor, while Aran has a crush on Sheryl. While at first they are successful in deceiving Victor into believing that Sheryl likes Aran, Sheryl and Victor discover their plot and get revenge. Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! Its second season started on July 2, 2008 which is transmitted at h in Venezuela and is coming soon to Boomerang.

He hopes to win the international public with the same success that Venevision productions always have.

Popularity This dramatic production has had great success in (Venezuela).

Internationally, its rating are not relatively high.

The show has been officially cancelled due to supposed complaints against it on CONATEL in Venezuela, forcing the producers to make the second season its last one, but recently Vladimir Perez announced a third season for 2009 and the series would be put on hiatus officially until August 17, the premiere of the third season.

Its main competitor is This dramatic production had great success in Venezuela but not for its showing outside the country.

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Her inseparable best friends, Oriana y Rosangela are sometimes forced to do dirty work in her vengeful schemes. His catch phrase is "Just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't see the menu".

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