Pros and cons of dating lawyers

You’re dealing with emotions at their rawest, with victims, accused criminals, people at their weakest and most vulnerable.You have to catch your breath in that emotional cauldron.

• Especially for newly minted lawyers, getting emotionally involved. Former Crown prosecutor PROS: • “Sometimes it’s good.“You have to be a person who can deal with people, who understands people, and who likes people.In our business, you can be caught on a treadmill.” • It can be dangerous dealing with people at their nadir. Sometimes I’ve received threats from the most unlikely people. That’s not uncommon.” • Getting emotionally involved. Once you get emotionally involved, you lose your impartiality, certainly as a Crown.You have to avoid that at all costs, since you’re supposed to be the 13th juror, representing the attorney general with nothing to win or lose.” Sean Robichaud Criminal defence, Pinkofskys, Toronto PROS: • Being in court almost every single day, cross-examining witnesses.

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If you’re not a people person, it’s not the area for you.

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