Ps3 problems updating software

Your Play Station 3 is not connected to the internet? You can download and transfer the update file (PS3UPDAT.

Playstation servers, because everyone else will be trying to download it too.

If it's out of warranty, then expect to pay Sony for a solution to a problem they have caused (It was working fine before the patch right?

But they tell you from their script that the new patch has uncovered underlying issues with your console).

Original thread for install loop problems with patch 4.55 is here below made by Sevan68: Hi This is the message I just sent Sony when I had the same issue for past 2 days...... Create a new folder named PS3 and double-click into it, then create another new folder called UPDATE, (*Note the folder names must be in CAPITAL letters) and then navigate to the latest update file called PS3UPDAT.

In light of the useless response I received from you in an email, I have pleasure in saying that I have fixed this updates failing at 99% issue myself; maybe you should pass this on to any other PS3 users who are tearing their hair out whilst experiencing the same issue: THIS IS THE BEST METHOD - NO HARD DRIVE EXCHANGE REQUIRED Tools required: A Laptop or PCUSB Storage Device Set of Precision Screwdrivers Stopwatch (explain later) 1. PUP, right-click on it and copy and then paste into the UPDATE folder (so technically you have the PS3 update file inside the UPDATE folder and this UPDATE folder inside the PS3 folder). At the left-hand side of your console is a small panel that pops open to reveal a small blue screw which holds the hard drive in place (this is for the FAT version of the PS3, you will have to search the Internet to find when there hard-drive is on other versions) and just below the blue screw is a small metal pull out tab which forms part of the casing that holds the hard drive secure and in place. Turn ON your console, when the update screen appears gently pull the metal TAB to remove your hard drive from the PS3.

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