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claiming their 6-year-old son Braylon went to California to visit Dwight, and that's the last she heard from her baby daddy or the boy.Dwight's parents eventually called her to say the kid was in Colorado.Kenya tweeted out today, in defense of Royce's twitter foolishness last night with baby mama Christina, that Royce & Dez are getting married.Royce then responded to Kenya saying she let the secret out: Looks like chick just guaranteed herself a spot on next season's BBW.Its sad the way this world is haters I just laugh at you I pretty sure she is living her life and could care less what you or any one else has to say and the main ones judging is the main ones fucked up in life worry about yourself boohow can you judge people you dont even know Im soory you think you know her cause you watch her on TV Lossers Your watching her she is not watching you and again stop hating.Congrads I think misirable people in this world focus to mush on other peoples life I read some of these ignorant ass comments and you people need a life stop hating on Royce and he new man who are you to judge?So do yourself a favor, go and get some help, perhaps some therapy and strong medication, and perhaps you can start living your own life, instead of vicariously living through characters on television.

Now..afore mentioned statements were me being sarcastic!

Royce doesn't have a problem with Dwight taking care of the boy for a while, but she wants the judge to order him to refill the prescription and give Braylon his meds.

She also wants to know exactly where her boy is and how she can get in touch.

Wake up little one , grow up and become ur own woman and a better Mom to ur son, he needs u and u sure do not need another son, even if he is a Pro baller.

Getting Married to boost ur fame or to say look at me now to Dwight will only bring u sleepless nights and misery in the long run.

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