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I’ve also worked in a games store for 8 years until I finished university, best part of the job was building terrain and painting the new releases for the store.

I joined the project because I wanted to create something awesome for the fans of 40K and hopefully spark their imagination.” Adam hasn’t submitted his description yet, but I’m really proud to work with him as he’s incredibly reliable, friendly and has an amazing vision of music.

We weren’t content with the accepted wisdom however.

We knew several influential festivals like Sundance had done away with online restrictions, but this information would always surprise the filmmakers we’d talk to.

Oscar will not reward a film that has premiered online, however, there’s a less understood caveat to this rule that many overlook.

If your film has already become eligible by winning a qualifying festival, you A short film may not be exhibited publicly anywhere in any nontheatrical form, including but not limited to broadcast and cable television, home video, and Internet transmission, until after its Los Angeles theatrical release, or after receiving its festival award or Student Academy Award.

It seems he has unlimited pics of funny stuff and the FB page wouldn’t be that successful without him.

— Erasmus Bijan hasn’t submit his description yet, but he showed me how important social media is, and that so much stuff matters on websites, channels, etc in order to get your project growing and more famous.

First though, a few caveats: One of the most potent platforms for short film is recognition from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Even if your film has received thousands of views on Vimeo, odds are that not a single member of the audience that attends your festival screening has seen it.

And, it seems that things are only going to continue in this direction.

Yet, the opposite can also be true—it’s becoming increasingly common for films to be selected for festivals because they’ve done well online.

Many medium and smaller festivals that have difficulty competing for entries are reaching out to filmmakers directly.

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